If you’ve recently bought an e-Bike or have been pondering about getting one, there’s a vast and vibrant community waiting to welcome you. From leisurely group rides to massive conventions, e bikes canada enthusiasts have formed a network that connects riders from coast to coast. Here’s an introduction to the buzzing world of eBikes and a spotlight on some organizations that champion their use. We asked a few local eBike advocates like Cit-E Cycles (link: citecycles.com), a dedicated bike shop with 7 locations in Vancouver and Victoria.

HUB Cycling

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Demographics and Size: Over 3,000 members established in 1998 from all walks of like with one mission: to create better cycling experiences in the metro Vancouver area. The group interacts in a private Facebook group and all e-Bike riders along with all cyclists are welcome.

Group Interaction:  Many cycling clubs are becoming more enthusiastic about electric-assist bicycles as they become more popular with their members. HUB Cycling is an excellent group to join and to find a local cycling club in the Vancouver area. They have become active promoters of eBike cycling with lots of information on education, training, and other resources.   

BC Ebike Riders

Location: Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

Demographics and Size: With the great outdoor vibe of Vancouver, this club, with about 2,500 members, attracts city cyclists, nature lovers, and trail explorers, and those who prefer off-road eBike adventures. The group interacts in a private Facebook group and all e-Bike riders are welcome.

Activities and Philosophy: Their rides often combine the beauty of nature with the thrill of e-Bike riding. Vancouver eBike Explorers believe in eco-friendly commuting and exploration. The club often collaborates with local environmental groups for tree planting and beach cleanup events.

Canadian eBike Riders Association

Location: Nationwide, with regional branches across the provinces.

Demographics and Size: Comprising thousands of members, this association has a diverse blend of young professionals, seniors, and everything in between. Canadian Electric E-Bike Network is the relatively new group that has interesting information and discussions about e-Bikes and eScooters.

Activities and Philosophy: Advocacy is at the heart of many associations. They work to inform riders about safety and best practices while liaising with municipal and provincial governments to enhance e-Bike infrastructure. Regular group rides, both urban and trail-based, are also organized to foster community spirit.

Engage and Explore

As e-Bikes continue to redefine how people perceive cycling, the sense of community among riders is stronger than ever. Whether you’re in urban Toronto or coastal Nova Scotia, there’s a group or organization tailored for you. Delve into the world of eBikes, experience the thrill, and foster connections with like-minded enthusiasts. The future of cycling, amplified with electric energy, awaits you.

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